Everything Starts with the Mind

Meditation Training for Business Success

The Meditation Studies Initiative: We help companies to create
a harmonious and
productive working

Because meditation does more than
Clear Mind
Kind Mind
Happy Mind

Meditation promotes and strengthens the mental health of your employees.

Get to know us! Your staff will be guided by experienced instructors through online live guided meditations.
We offer individual training programs for executives.


We work with objective-driven authentic Asian wisdom meditation techniques that do more than increase awareness. Scientifics studies prove the many benefits of meditation. Our goal is to help you to master your mind, broaden your capacities and make changes for the better.

Why Meditation? Studies Reveal Benefits

Meeting the Needs of Business

Meditation Strengthens Creativity

Research shows mindfulness helps,
not to remain in old thought patterns. It makes us cognitively flexible and enables innovative thinking.

Meditation Increases Happiness & Contentment

Studies have shown that mindfulness exercises help people to achieve higher life satisfaction and a positive attitude and to deal with difficult situations more confidently.

Meditation Promotes Concentration

Neuroscientists have found that meditators change structures in a part of the brain that regulates, among other things, the ability to focus and attention.

Meditation Reduces Stress

Eight weeks of meditation reduce the density of the gray substance of the amygdala in the brain, research at Harvard University showed. Together with others brain regions, the amygdala controls our mental and physical reactions to stressful and anxiety-inducing situations.


We‘re here to give people access to authentic meditation that matters. We strive to make meditation an integral part of the daily lives of our clients, helping them to lead fulfilling and balanced lives.

Who We Are? Making a Difference

We Support your Team with Top Quality Meditation Resources

We are an international non-profit company based in Germany.
Meditation is our passion.

Our trainers have been practicing meditation for many years.
They have a classical training in Mahayana Buddhist meditation
and have experience in long-term and short-term retreats.

We are deeply rooted in traditional methods,
but also take into account newer scientific findings.
As professionals, we know exactly,
what is important in our modern working world

and how we do it
through meditation!


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Founder and Trainer
Founder and Trainer
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Advisory Board and Trainer

Measurable Results
Immeasurable Impact

We focus on our participant‘s mental and physical well-being while increasing productivity and contentment, unlocking potential and so much more.

Programs Offered
Personalized Solutions

Potential@work for your Employees

Consists of three short daily meditations for the workplace, each about 7 minutes.

You will focus on your own health, and the health of colleagues and customers.

You learn to change difficult situations into opportunities, and negative habitual patterns into positive responses.

You will feel happy about all the good things you and others have done.

We offer more extensive packages with
live guided meditations
customized to the needs of your company
in-person workshop options.

Experts@work for Individuals & Executive Groups

Personalized training from master instructors with guided meditations with focus on individual topics

Examples of these are:
Creativity and Innovation
• Concentration
• Leadership Qualities
• Stability in Change

Please contact our team for more information.

Energize your Workforce with MSI

It‘s time to connect.
See how high-quality programs help your employees
Stay Happier
Live Healthier
Reduce Stress

Energize your workforce with Meditation Studies Initiative

To learn more about our programs and how to participate, please contact our team. We will get back to you soon.

Alix Rowland

Alix is a business coach and co-founder of the training company Seeds of True Success. 

She is also currently the Director of the nonprofit ecological restoration organization, SkyHarvest.

In 2022 Alix retired from a successful real estate sales career in which she built a dynamic team of realtors working together to achieve their goals. She is writing a book based on her experience of the benefits of profit sharing in business.

Alix has completed twelve academic sessions at the Sedona College of International Management and is an assistant professor at the college. 

Working from home in beautiful Durango, Colorado, USA enables her to spend time outdoors hiking with her family and spending time with her dogs and horses.

Alix began meditating in 1995 and continues to use meditation daily as an invaluable tool to create a balanced and meaningful personal and professional life.

Silvia Engelhardt

Silvia is an editor at a major German news magazine. As a graphic designer, she worked as Art Director, project manager, and department leader. 

Beginning in 2021, she has been focusing on expanding the brand’s charitable foundation work.

She started to meditate in 1991, pregnant with her son (that’s why she remembers 😊). In 2006 she started formal training in classic meditation studies and began teaching in 2010. She is a senior teacher at the Asian Classics Institute.  

Silvia is the founder and managing director of the German publishing house Edition Blumenau, has been the European coordinator of ALL (Asian Legacy Library) for 14 years, and is a member of their board of directors. 

She lives in a small village in the German state of Bavaria and loves to roam the meadows of it’s nature reserves.

For her volunteer work in various areas, often in a responsible position, she got an award from the Hamburg Senate in 2019.

Meditation Studies Program is her passion project and she wants to share the happiness inside you can find through these techniques. 

Manuela Korthals

Manuela is co-founder and trainer of Meditation Studies Initiative.

Working as a concept designer in a high-pressure creative industry and a mother of two young school-age children, Manuela found that she was personally happier and professionally more effective using the techniques of a regular meditation practice.

Manuela first came across meditation in the 1990s while preparing for high school graduation. She realized the potential of meditation to overcome severe stress and difficulties.

In 2019, she began formal training in classical meditation studies and attend her first teacher training in 2021.

The recent years of Manuela’s career have been especially fulfilling as she has been lucky enough to work with organizations such as Asian Legacy Library dedicated to safeguarding the cultural literary wisdom traditions of the world for future generations.

When not engaged in this work, Manuela can be found connecting with beloved family and friends and traveling to new places whenever possible. 

Manuela is passionate about sharing the ancient meditation techniques creating spaces that allow building a happier, healthier environment.

Charlotte d'Agostino

Charlotte is a consultant for business owners and senior executives with her own consulting company. Her focus is to empower her clients for more brave and clear-minded decisions in their life and give them the mental strength to create a business and life they love and to have a huge and positive impact. 

Until 2016 she worked as lawyer in legal departments of different companies and for one of the largest law firms in Germany, especially in the Real estate sector. 

She began with a regular practice of Yoga, mind training and meditation in 2013 while facing intensive challenges in her professional and private life. In 2016 she attended a formal Yoga Teacher Training (200 h) for Vinyasa Yoga. 

She began her studies of ancient Asian wisdom in 2019. 

Since then she completed three courses of Diamond Management GmbH – for automatic leadership, advanced problem solving and meditation. 

Charlotte lives in Düsseldorf, a beautiful city in west of Germany.

She supports “Meditation Studies Program” as attorney for all legal matters and as a trainer. 

Connie O´Brien

Constance holds honors degrees in nursing, psychology, and environmental studies. 

She was a Zagat rated chef and has a passion for wellness practices meditation and yoga. 

Over the past 30 years she has studied the arts of meditation and yoga with great masters of Ancient Wisdom in Asia, Canada, and the United States including a rigorous 36-course Buddhist study program. Her studies culminated in the completion of a Three-Year, three month and three-day retreat under the guidance of Geshe Michael Roach.  

Constance is a certified yoga and meditation teacher and is the current President of the Yoga Studies Institute.  She has created and taught meditation and yoga programs worldwide, to diverse audiences, from prisoners, to children, to students, to businesspeople, yogis, and the elderly.  

Constance is a current teacher for Asian Classics Institute, the Diamond Cutter Institute and for the Sedona College of International Management.

When she has time, she is passionate about delving into the latest scientific research on the ancient art of meditation.  

She currently lives in Sedona, Arizona, USA, with her husband, John Brady. They travel and teach together throughout Asia, Europe, and Mexico.

John Brady

John became the director of the Asian Classics Input Project in 1999, a not-for-profit organization that preserves, digitizes, transliterates, and disseminates thousands of ancient Buddhist texts found throughout Asia. ACIP became the Asian Legacy Library (ALL), whose new mission extends to all the wisdom traditions of Asia.

He was an executive director for 21 years at the Lillian Vernon Corporation, the fifth largest direct mail order catalog in the US throughout the 1980s and 1990s. 

John lived and worked in New York from 1979 to 2009 where he studied with Zen Master Eido Shimano Roshi for 14 years. In 1996, John met Geshe Michael Roach and began a rigorous 36-course Buddhist study program.

In 2014, John completed a 3-year, 3-month, 3-day silent meditation retreat in the US. He teaches for the Asian Classics Institute, Diamond Cutter Institute, and the Sedona College of International Management. 

He currently lives in Sedona, Arizona, USA, with his wife, Constance O’Brien. They travel and teach together throughout Asia, Europe, and Mexico.

Alexa de Sandi

Alexa graduated with a double degree in International Relations and International Law at Tec de Monterrey University in Guadalajara, Mexico in 2018. 

Since then, she co-founded different projects amongst which an E-learning platform called Talent Academy for the next generation of latin young professionals present in more than 7 spanish speaking countries; Me Becoming We a non profit organization for women’s empowerment in Mexico and her current main project ENÚ, a family social for profit start up that focuses on helping latin american people to connect with their inner wisdom and improve their quality of life. She and her family have built a platform along with an app that provides an educational model and methodology used in companies, schools and communities throughout Mexico with the purpose of bringing inner peace to the Latin American people. 

As a social entrepreneur & storyteller Alexa devotes her life to nurturing the human spirit and empowering communities to connect with their truest potential through the power of education, meditation and dialogue. 

She is passionate about the inner workings of the mind and heart, having completed over 10 years of contemplative philosophy formal studies and practice, from around the world. 

Currently focusing on teaching Meditation and participating in diverse events as a keynote speaker, she actively seeks to eliminate the suffering of others by sharing her journey towards becoming her best self. 

Holger Wolf

Holger Wolff co-founded a consulting and software engineering company in 1989 at the age of 21 during his studies. Today, MaibornWolff has almost 900 employees and is projected to reach $100 million in revenues in 2023. 


He began his studies of ancient Asian wisdom in 2009 and continued to complete a rigorous curriculum with Asian Studies Institute. He has been teaching meditation and Asian philosophy since 2014.  


Holger holds a lectureship in Buddhist philosophy for psychologists at the University of Regensburg. 


He has been married for over 25 years and has two adult sons. He lives with his wife and two dogs in Munich and Lower Bavaria.